Dr. Smith provides consultations and assessments in the following areas:

  • threat assessment,
  • detection of deception,
  • criminal and corporate psychopathy,
  • criminal behavior,
  • abnormal psychology,
  • crime scene assessment,
  • interviewing techniques for criminal and violent offenders, and
  • school and workplace violence.

Her clients include: intelligence and security-related governmental agencies; law enforcement agencies; security directors for high profile/high net-worth individuals, corporations and physical structures; and attorneys. Over the course of her 25-year FBI career, Dr. Smith has developed ongoing professional relationships with some of the world's leading experts in abnormal psychology, criminal behavior, forensics, psychopathy, threat assessment, linguistics, text analytics, trauma treatment, and violence. She draws on this network in order to address her clients' issues and concerns.

Dr. Robert Hare
Dr. Roger Shuy
Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole (FBI ret.)
Dr. J. Reid Meloy
Dr. Michael Young
Mark Safarik (FBI ret.)
Dr. Paul Babiak
Jim Van Allen (Ontario Provincial Police ret.)
Dr. Stephen White
Dr. Nancy Davis
Tom Neer (FBI ret.)

Forensic Psycholinguistics has partnered with Social Science Automation to create, a web-based tool designed for security professionals to assess threatening communications regarding the likelihood of targeted violence. To learn more about the tool, visit